Redwood Cuff Silver
Redwood Cuff Silver

Redwood Cuff Silver

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This minimalistic cuff  was created from a coastal redwood twig.  After following her adventurous heart across country from New York to San Francisco, designer Laura was greatly inspired by the majestic beauty of the California Redwoods.  This cuff was hand-cast in sterling silver and hammered into this comfortable and chic cuff.  It is easy to wear and can be worn alone as a beautiful small statement piece or is a great addition to a stack.

This standard sized cuff is 4mm thick and the opening measures 5.7cm.  It is one size, adjustable and fits small to medium wrists.   All AETAS pieces are hand-made in San Francisco, CA with recycled metals.  All original natural objects were obtained sustainably and responsibly.  

Origin: California Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)

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