Explore, be inspired and take it with you. 

     AETAS was inspired by the desire to travel, find inspiration and be able to take it with you.  Meaning "era" in Latin, AETAS heirlooms are natural artifacts of our era. Immortalized natural beauty in the form of chic jewelry, all pieces are made by hand from recycled, fine metals in San Francisco, CA.

     Each heirloom is made from a casting of a sustainably-sourced natural object that is then hand-molded into a beautiful piece of wearable art. With strong, natural texture and chic shapes, these modern-day artifacts are easily added to every day jewelry ensembles or can be worn alone as an original and powerful statement.    

     Designer Laura Bridges is a New Yorker of 15 years with rural New Hampshire roots who recently followed her adventurous heart to the San Francisco Bay.  When not creating, Laura can be found adventuring, tree climbing and searching for new, natural inspiration, either in her new home of Northern California or while traveling abroad.  The Silvae Collection was inspired,designed and made in the Bay area.  AETAS is excited to now be in select stores in NYC and SF. 

Follow Laura's travel adventures and inspiring stories on the AETAS blog.


Designer Laura Bridges